The Second Wave is Here. Say Hello to Virus X!

The Coronavirus hit us like a lightning bolt out of a blue sky. Three and a half months and one world-wide pandemic, economic meltdown, nationwide BLM protests, and anarchy riots later (I live in the Pacific NW) . . . the country kind of feels like an anthill colony that’s just been kicked by a five-year-old boy. And just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, another unidentified virus has struck and struck hard.

We are now discovering that we were recently hit by not one, but two deadly viruses. Reports are still coming in, but we now know that the Coronavirus hit first, and was immediately followed by a second and potentially even more dangerous virus. The second virus goes by the name, Virus X and is believed to target a certain region of the brain called the amygdala. The amygdala is responsible for affecting behavior on the basis of perceived threats.

While there is still a good deal of mystery surrounding Virus X, experts are reporting that the virus causes individuals to become suspicious and fearful of one another. One notable expert believes that Virus X was responsible for triggering the Salem Witch trials, the Spanish Inquisition, and the Red Scare of 1950’s America. What is currently known about Virus X is that it is highly contagious (more contagious than Coronavirus) and the symptoms are as follows: fear, self-righteousness, enemy-centered outrage, mistrust and a tendency toward mob justice.

“A whole lot of people struggling tonight from the disease of conceit.” Bobby

Experts believe Virus X arrived shortly after the Wuhan Coronavirus, and the infection rate has been doubling every 10 days since. Unlike the Coronavirus, Virus X cannot be empirically tested, for the virus is quite literally invisible. Scientists are focusing all their attention on identifying the symptoms associated with infection. When asked about Virus X, Anthony Fauci admits of complete ignorance. And as of this moment, Trump refuses to acknowledge its existence.

How about CNN, Fox News, or Time magazine? They have been ominously silent. One possible reason for media silence regarding Virus X is the recent statement published by the WHU which states, “We believe that we have located ground zero of Virus X. It appears to have originated in the production studios of news media outlets.” The statement concludes, “Virus X attaches itself to the images and messages right before they are broadcasted out to the public. Infection rates are astronomically higher among those who regularly consume news media programming.”

Now, in the wake of this second outbreak, scientists are beginning to share their findings as to how the virus impacts its human host. They now know that this virus penetrates the body through the eyes and the ears. Once the virus enters the body it targets the part of the brain responsible for identifying “friend or foe.” As the virus attacks and stimulates the amygdala, the subject is left feeling increasingly anxious and angry, as well as threatened and fearful.

When you combine the effects of psychological volatility with daily exposure to media narratives, which continually divide the world into binary oppositions (left and right, rapist and anti-rapist, black and white, Nazi and anti-Nazi, angels, and demons) the effects of the virus increase exponentially. The subject, suffering from the effects of an inflamed amygdala, becomes increasingly obsessed with “good and evil.” In short, Virus X destroys its victim’s sense of security and existential equilibrium.

Knowledge of Good and Evil the original Virus X

People infected by Virus X report that they are no longer able to view the world outside of the “good and evil” binary. Other symptoms include an irrational obsession with being “good” as well as “a powerful longing to reach the ‘moral high ground.'” But in order to secure this “moral high ground”, the infected subject is driven to constantly compare himself to monsters and moral degenerates. This sense of moral superiority in the infected subject is then maintained by “calling out evil” and continually comparing himself to real or imagined evildoers.

It is believed that by the end of next week, over 2 billion people will be infected with Virus X. Meanwhile, the effects of the virus on society are already being felt as people appear increasingly agitated, some to the point of neurotic delirium over ethical and moral indiscretions, both real and perceived. Gus Williams’ hardware store was recently vandalized by his neighbors who sprayed-painted the “RACIST!” on his hardware store window (interesting fact, Gus Williams is a 68-year-old black man).

With each new day, evidence continues to point to news media outlets as the epicenter of the virus, as well as the primary medium of transmission. With the force of a tsunami wave, through every conceivable form of new media, every hour on the hour, we are being flooded with pedantic and vacuous admonitions: “Don’t be a brutal rapist! Don’t be an evil racist! Don’t be a greedy capitalist!” “Don’t be a Nazi!”. This modern-day inquisition and the fanatical cult of “good and evil” is gathering steam and is threatening to thoroughly decimate what is left of our already broken public discourse.

The above report is an allegory, not fantasy and not fiction, but an allegory. The “second wave” of this new “virus” has been unleashed and its impact is tangible and undeniable. You can call it whatever you like. I will call it the primal and all too human instinct to cover one’s ass. I am referring to fanatical moralism and the detestable practice of virtue signaling. I am talking about the baseless authority of those self-appointed ‘guardians of the good. And I am talking about our current medieval justice system implemented by an angry mob with their “call out” and “cancel culture.”

You may feel tempted to join the infected mob in their blind pursuit of immunity (immunization) on top of Mt. Moral High Ground, but you need to resist. For, it turns out that as we try and claim the ethical and moral high ground for ourselves, the ground beneath our feet begins to erode. To quote Yeats, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.”

In the face of this societal and existential crisis, we now have good reason to believe that just like our Milky Way Galaxy, at the centre of our society is a voracious and nihilistic black hole. What will it take for us to repent of our self-righteous, enemy-centered schemes? In the midst of this death valley wasteland, a voice in the wilderness is crying out. “‘Absolutely futile!’ laments Qoheleth, ‘All things are futile'” (Ecc.12:8)? Is this the voice of wisdom or madness and despair? Are you tired of being afraid; tired of feeling threatened? It is for fear of being crazy that we are going insane. So, what do you have to lose? It is “red pill” time! “For you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

Who among us can simply admit to losing heart with life in the “new normal?” Who lacks the perseverance to unflinchingly discharge her duties day in and out in this surreal Twilight Zone episode? Now, we read in Lamentations (what a title!) that the mercies of the Lord are “new every morning.” But the writer of Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth, has a less optimistic take on things:

Dude! This is totally bogus!

“So I considered those who are dead and gone more fortunate than those who are still alive. But better than both is the one who has not been born and has not seen the evil things that are done on the earth” (Eccl.4:2).

In stark contrast to the book of Proverbs, which teaches that there are basic principles governing all of life, the book of Ecclesiastes calls “bullshit” on our winning formulas, our self-assuring morals, and our bumper sticker wisdom. With Proverbs, there is a system of fairness and order. But who among us, without clinging to blind optimism, can still honestly say that they believe in such a system anymore?

Qoheleth is not a peddler of false hope, but neither is he a doomsday prophet. Qoheleth is a man who simply calls things like he sees them – a voice of wisdom, and a “bullshit detector” in a time of unusual and disorienting confusion. Quoheleth, or “the teacher”, does not merely describe the glass as being either half-full or half-empty. Qoheleth tells you what the contents of the glass truly are, “Hey”, says Qoheleth, “this is piss!”

According to Qoheleth, futility is simply one of the underlying symptoms of life on planet earth. You might say that futility is one of our pre-existing conditions. And while Qoheleth teaches that futility is here and it’s here to stay, this is not what he refers to as, “the end of the matter.” To those who are willing to be reconciled to the futility or “vanity” of life, the Qoheleth offers consolation and encouragement. But these precious pearls are reserved for certain people – they are reserved for “those who have ears to hear.”

Everything is Broken!